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New updated CIIA Examination Syllabus

The updated CIIA Examination Syllabus, together with the supporting reference and reading material, has now been confirmed by the IEC. The updated syllabus will first apply to the CIIA examinations held in September 2017 (I.e. NOT the September 2016 and March 2017 examinations).

The updated syllabus is presented in a very much more accessible fashion and is now completely consistent with the ILPIP manuals.

Complete Syllabus (764KB)

Reference Literature (31KB)


Study Reference

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The Study Reference files are available for download in PDF format. If you don't have a PDF reader please download one here. Before downloading please read our disclaimer

Exam Syllabus

Complete Syllabus (206k) - This contains all subcategories for this topic.

Sample of recent exams Final 1

  1. Economics March 2005: question - solution
  2. Economics March 2007: question - solution
  3. Financial Accounting September 2006: question - solution
  4. Financial Accounting March 2008: question - solution
  5. Corporate Finance March 2006: question - solution
  6. Corporate Finance September 2006: question - solution
  7. Equity valuation March 2006: question - solution
  8. Equity valuation March 2007: question - solution

Sample of recent exams Final 2

  1. Fixed income March 2005: question - solution
  2. Fixed income March 2008: question - solution
  3. Derivative valuation March 2008: question - solution
  4. Derivative valuation March 2008: question - solution
  5. Derivative/PM March 2005: question - solution
  6. Derivative/PM March 2008: question - solution
  7. Portfolio management March 2007: question - solution
  8. Portfolio management March 2008: question - solution

Common Knowledge Base and Recommended Readings

Common Knowledge Topics (252k) - This contains all subcategories for this topic.

Reference Reading List

CIIA Reference Literature (50k)


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