The ACIIA Chairman, Dr.Yashuhiro Maehara, visited Korea from September 18 to 19, 2017. He was invited by Mr. Kwha Hyun Hur, Chairman of the Korea Analysts Association(KAA), to attend the FNTimes Investment Forum 2017 held on September 19 in Seoul. Dr. Maehara paid a visit to the office of the KAA located in the center of financial district in Seoul and had a meeting with Mr. Hur.

During the meeting, Dr. Maehara was briefed on the recent reorganization of the KAA, which was approved by the Korean government in July 2017. Consequently, the KAA was given a favorable opportunity to expand its organization, and this will pave the way for as many as approximately 1,000 securities analysts in the securities companies to join the KAA as its new members.

In Korea, the analysts at securities companiesare required to pass the analyst examination that has been conducted so far by the Korea Financial Investment Association(KOFIA), a non-government self-regulatory organization, andhave to register with the KOFIA before beginning to work as qualified analysts. After July 2017, these analysts canjoin the KAA as a new member.

After hearing this new development concerning the KAA, Dr. Maehara advised a desirable direction for the KAA in the future. He showed strong interestsin finding the ways in which the newly joined analysts of the KAA may be able to sit for the CIIA final exam.

In the afternoon, the ACIIA Chairman also met with the KOFIA Chairman, Mr. Young-Key Hwang.


In the meeting, Mr. Hwang explained the current status of the analysts in Korea, and Dr. Maehara emphasized the importance of the analysts' role in globalizing the Korean capital market. He also stressed that analysts should have expertise in order tofulfill their role and recommended that the best method would be by means of examination systems. Therefore, Dr. Maehara said that he strongly hoped the cooperation between the KAA and the ACIIA would enable Korean analysts to take the CIIA final exam.


In the evening, Dr. Maehara was invited to a dinner hosted by the KAA Chairman.


The dinner was joined by CIIA diploma holders as well as prominent figures like the executive members of the KAA, an expert at the Korea Capital Market Research Institute(KCMR), and prospective members of the KAA. Dr. Maehara explained the ACIIA's philosophy and mission and introduced the comprehensive management status of the ACIIA, including its education and examination schemes. Many areas of mutual interest were discussed among the participants at the dinner, and, especially, Dr.Seok Hoon Lee from the KCMR showed keen interests in the reason why CIIA has been well recognized in Japan compared with Korea.Dr. Maehara gave most useful replies to all the questions, including the expected direction of the ACIIA in the future.

Those attendances at the gala dinner were:


Dr. Maehara/ACIIA Chairman(second from the left in front and counterclockwise), Mr. Kwha Hyun Hur/KAA Chairman, Dr. Seok Hoon Lee/The Capital Markets Research Institute, Mr. Sung Tae Kim/CIIA/the professor at TheKyonggi University,Mr. Chan-Hyung Chung/KAA Vice Chairman, Mr. Jae Yeon Jung/ KAA member/President of Smart Income Inc., Mr. Sung Jin Park/KAA member/Hyundai Investment Management Co.,Mr. Hyun Suk Jung/KAA member/The Waseda University in Japan,Mr. JongHyuk Jung/Head of Corporate Analysis Dept. at NH Investment & Securities Co., and Dr.Hyung Ki Lee/The KOFIA Research Fellow.

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