Committed to the last: Dr Jean-Claude Dufournet

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To all the members of national societies and all the CIIA charter holders:

lt is with great sadness and sense of loss to inform you of the passing of Dr. Jean-Claude Dufournet. He was scheduled to attend the ACIIA Council Meeting and Annual General Meeting in Frankfurt on June 29. We still cannot believe that he will not be there. As the obituary by the Swiss Society said, Jean-Claude was "committed to the last."

As all of you know, Jean-Claude co-founded the Association of Certified lnternational lnvestment Analysts (ACIIA) in 2001, and for the past sixteen years he had played a critical role in the development of the CIIA designation. On behalf of all the member national societies and the CIIA charter holders all over the world both in the past and the present, we would like to express our deepest appreciation for his dedication to the CIIA and ACIIA. He had been working relentlessly to improve the CIIA designation and ACIIA operations. lt is not an exaggeration at all to say that we could have never come this far without him.

Since 2015 Jean-Baptiste and I had been working with him. During this period, we were impressed by his strong commitment and steadfastness to pursuing higher level professional education and training in finance and investment. We had learned a lot from him and we thank him greatly for that. We miss him a great deal, but we have to move forward from where he left us with the determination and commitment that he showed us. We will try to preserve his heritage and increase its innovative values.

We pray that his soul may rest in peace.

Dr Jean-Claude Dufournet

Jean-Claude Dufournet - Obituary

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