ACIIA Council Meeting / Annual General Meeting, 26 June 2019 in Madrid, Spain

On 26 June 2019 the ACIIA Council Meeting/Annual General Meeting was held in Madrid, Spain thanks to the kind hospitality of the Instituto Español de Analistas Financieros (IEAF). Major topics discussed at the meeting were:

  • Time table of inclusion of ESG topics to the CIIA Syllabus and ILPIP course manuals (textbooks)
  • Availability of CIIA digital learning products (e-CIIA) in English in 2019 (for ILPIP member societies for the product-testing purposes) and 2020 (for non-ILPIP ACIIA member societies)
  • Raising CIIA recognition in the US
  • Promotion of CIIA designation in Brazil and Russia

On 25 June 2019, the Forum for ACIIA Members was held to exchange views on the topics of the CM/AGM with 22 participants including the members of the Council and those from Brazil, Chinese Taipei and Vietnam as Associate Members. At the CM/AGM in Madrid, the members of the ACIIA Council for the term from June 2019 to June 2020 were appointed as below. Dr. Yasuhiro Maehara (SAAJ Japan) and Dr. Andreas Jacobs (SFAA Switzerland) were elected as Chairman and Deputy Chairman respectively for the term from June 2019 to June 2021.

  • Dr. Yasuhiro Maehara (SAAJ Japan), Chairman
  • Dr. Andreas Jacobs (SFAA Switzerland), Deputy Chairman
  • Mr. Alberto Borgia (AIAF Italy)
  • Mr. Hans Buysse (EFFAS Europa)
  • Dr. Douglas Elespe (IAEF Argentina)
  • Mr. Ralf Frank (DVFA Germany)
  • Dr. Jesús López Zaballos (IEAF Spain)
  • Ms. Pascale Mourvillier (SFAF France)
  • Ms. Shen Yi (SAC China)

We take the opportunity to thank Mr. Jean-Baptiste Bellon (SFAF France) salient Deputy Chairman for his commitment and invaluable efforts dedicated to the enhancement of the CIIA designation and the support to offering CIIA program in emerging countries over the last four years. 




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