New ACIIA Council Members elected

27 June 2020

At the online ACIIA Annual General Meeting held on 23 June 2020, the following representatives were elected to its Council:

  • Dr. Yasuhiro Maehara (SAAJ Japan), Chairman
  • Dr. Andreas Jacobs (SFAA Switzerland), Deputy Chairman
  • Mr. Klaus Beinke (DVFA Germany) - New
  • Mr. Hans Buysse (EFFAS Europe)
  • Dr. Douglas Elespe (IAEF Argentina)
  • Dr. Jesús López Zaballos (IEAF Spain)
  • Ms. Pascale Mourvillier (SFAF France)
  • Ms. Shen Yi (SAC China)
  • Ms. Maria Alessandra Zunino de Pignier (AIAF Italy) - New

Ms. Zunino de Pignier, Deputy Chair of AIAF Board, is taking over from Mr. Borgia and Mr. Beinke, Managing Director of DVFA, from Mr. Bielmeier. Dr. Maehara, the ACIIA Chairman, and the Council Members thanked Mr. Borgia and Mr. Bielmeier for their contributions during their time on the Council to the work of ACIIA.

Dr. Maehara welcomed the appointment of the Council Members and said that he was looking forward to working with the new members. Ms. Zunino de Pignier has a successful history of working in management positions in Milanese banking and finance services and is currently working as an independent consultant for banks and financial institutions, assisting them in the areas of governance, compliance, amongst other things. Mr. Beinke has held the management positions at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management amongst others, and has been in charge of the digitization of educational processes and the development of online and blended educational offers which should prove to be useful for ACIIA.




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