The SFAF Academy (France): our CIIA graduates in 2022


On 27 June 2023, the SFAF Academy organised the Graduation Ceremony for its students who passed one of its certifications in 2022.

It was an opportunity to bring together some of the 26 graduates who passed the CIIA Foundation and Final levels and to celebrate their achievement.

In 2022, 20 candidates brilliantly obtained the Foundation level and 6 candidates passed the Final level, therefore obtaining the CIIA certification delivered by the ACIIA (Association of Certified International Investment Analysts).

These certifications will help them managing beautiful evolutions in their careers, in financial analysis and asset management for instance.

The SFAF Academy trains more than 1,000 professionals a year in the main areas of financial and non-financial analysis.

The SFAF is the French Association of Financial Analysts (




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