Ms. Daniela Ropota elected President of the Romanian Association of Financial-Banking Analysts - AAFBR

The AAFBR elected in the 2020 General meeting a new Board for mandate 2020-2022, represented by:

  • Daniela Ropota, CIIA - President
  • Iancu Guda, CFA, EMBA – Vice-President
  • Adrian Ionut Codirlasu, CFA - Vice-President
  • Ana Maria Patru, CEFA - Vice-President
  • Alex Florin Duna, Phd - Vice-President

AAFBR has around 100 top analysts coming mostly from banks, capital markets, investments funds, in Romania. Among the activities for its members, AAFBR organises conferences and elaborates research materials in financial and banking field and also regarding any regulatory norms whenever it considers necessary; conducts and publishes surveys on analysts’ expectations of macroeconomic and banking indicators (like CPI); and organises meetings on regular basis on a specific financial-economic topic with guest speakers.

AAFRB provides professional development for its members through international certificates offered by EFFAS and ACIIA and specialised courses in collaboration with the Romanian Banking Institute.




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