CIIA 13th Anniversary Assembly and Tech & Financial Cooperation Summit in China

Group Photo of Partial Guests

CIIA - Certified International Investment Analyst - 13th Anniversary Assembly and Tech & Financial Cooperation Summit in China was successfully held on 15 December 2019 in the Banquet Hall on the 3rd floor of LVGEM HOTEL, Fu Tian District, Shenzhen, China.

The assembly was sponsored by China CIIA Family and Tian’An Financial Holdings (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., co-sponsored by Tian’An T+Space High-Tech Services (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., and got data support from and Choice Data Bank of Eastmoney.

More than 300 people attended the assembly, including the distinguished guest, Dr. Yasuhiro Maehara, Chairman of ACIIA (Association of Certified International Investment Analysts), Mr. He Chunming, the Current Chairman of China CIIA family, Mr. He Wen, Vice President of Tian’An Cyber Park Group, Mr. Liu Feng, Chief Economist of Galaxy Securities, and Mr. Chen Yugang, Professor at Sun Yat-sen University and M&A Expert, etc.

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Other distinguished guests include Professor Guo Shiping, head of the Institute of Financial Research of ShenZhen University, Dr. Su Guojian, Managing Director of Research Department, Hong Kong CCBC International (Holdings), Dr. Shao Hao, President of Rui Tong Asset Management, Mr. Lu Hengjun, Vice President of China CIIA Family, Mr. Yuan Heping, the first Chairman of China CIIA Family, Mr. Cai Haibiao, the first Secretary General of China CIIA Family, Mr. Yangning, the Executive Vice President, together with Ms. Li Jie, the Vice President, and Mr. Yang Qian, the Director of Industrial Investment Department of Tian’An Financial Holdings (Shenzhen),Ltd., which is the sponsor of this assembly. CIIA Charter-holders from different provinces of the country and friends from all walks of life who are interested in CIIA also entered on time with tickets. The hall was packed to capacity in a lively atmosphere.

The assembly was hosted by Ms. Wang Juqing, the former anchorwoman of Asia Television (aTV). After the hostess announced the opening of the ceremony, representatives of the two sponsors, Mr. He Chunming, Chairman of China CIIA Family, and Mr. He Wen, Vice President of Tian’An Cyber Park Group gave opening speeches respectively.

Mr. He Chunming gave a brief introduction of China CIIA Family and its development, and Mr. He Wen gave an excellent speech on Tian’An Cyber Park Group’s blue plan and philosophy of investment analysis. Both of the two speakers expressed warm welcome and cordial gratitude to ACIIA Chairman Yasuhiro Maehara who came faraway from overseas and all the attendants and wished the conference a success.

Dr. Maehara, Chairman of ACIIA delivered the first theme speech with the topic “The Missions, Developing Plans and Current Status of Global CIIA Holders” after the Opening Ceremony. Dr. Maehara first acknowledged the various efforts made by China CIIA Family in promoting CIIA in China, and then explained the basic content and meanings of CIIA examination. Then, Dr. Maehara reviewed the current status of CIIA Charter-holders. By now, there are 9,700 CIIA Charter-holders globally, nearly half of whom are located in Japan and the dominating financial institutions in China. Asia has become the most important region in CIIA’s global development.

After Dr. Maehara’s speech, Dr. Hao Shao, Dr. Liu Feng, and Professor Chen Yugang gave excellent lectures on the topics of “Opportunities and Challenges of Family Wealth Management in China and Europe”, ”Opportunities and Challenges under the Current Macroeconomic Situation”, and ”Value Investment & Fin-tech”, respectively.

Dr. Shao Hao expressed his ideas on optimizing asset allocation based on his mastery of investment theories and years of investment practice. He believed that the returns of the portfolio do not simply come from asset allocation, but from selection of the most outstanding fund managers and effective risk diversification, to obtain a continuous and sustainable increase of net asset value.

Dr. Liu Feng’s opinion is that the world macro economy is basically under a “new normality” with slow growth and low inflation when the growth of the world economies slow down at the same time. And the uncertainty of certain incidents gave rise to extreme turbulence of market expectation. As Chinese economy still faces great down-side pressures, it depends heavily on the buffer effect of policies as the safety net, and requires a stronger expectation guidance of reforms. Macroeconomic policies should press ahead with the inverse periodic regulation, and the execution of both monetary and financial policies still has room for further improvement.

Professor Chen Yugang gave an excellent explanation on the relation between AI and fin-tech, as well as how technology would promote value investing.

Next, in the Roundtable session hosted by Ms. Wang Junqing, Dr. Maehara, Dr. Shao Hao, Dr. Liu Feng, Professor Chen Yugang, Dr. Su Guojian and Mr. Yang Ning discussed how we could cope with the change of economic background in our involvement and practice of wealth-management when China's rapid economic growth turns to high quality development, both as an individual and as an institution. The guests shared brilliant ideas on the topic, and they all agreed that Chinese public and institutions are in urgent need of professional asset allocation and wealth management, and CIIA has a huge room for development in China.

The splendid speeches of the guests brought fresh ideas and enlightenment to the attendants, who couldn’t wait to take photos and have face-to-face communications with the speakers when the morning’s session concluded.

In the afternoon, lively discussions went on in four fully-occupied parallel venues, namely, Industry Investment / Merger & Acquisition, Equity Market, Wealth Management, and Foreign Exchange VS Fixed Income Markets.

The venue of Industry Investment / Merger & Acquisition was hosted by Mr. Yang Qian, CIIA Charter-holder, who is the Director of the department of Industrial Investment of Tian’An Financial Holdings, Ltd. Dr. Su Guojian and Mr. Yang Qian delivered theme speeches on “The Two-bladed Sword of Investment Analysis Industry”, and “The Future Industrial Service System of the Dual Regions” respectively. Then, MEMSFRONTIER, Guangdong New-type Welding Technology Co. Ltd., HYPERSEN TECHNOLOGIES Co. Ltd.,, CANSINGA, Supernode, Shanghai Grandhonor Information Technology Co. Ltd, Shenzhen Bytter Tech Co. Ltd. performed on-site road-shows successively to the guests, and received professional comment on their specific project.

The venue of Equity Investment was hosted by Mr. Lu Hengjun, Vice Chairman of China CIIA Family, and the Director of Overseas Research of Great-Wall Fund, and had quite a few important guests present.

Firstly, Mr. Lei Xindong, the head of Business of Investment Advisory, the Assistant President of Brokerage Business of Century Securities gave a smooth and profound talk-show on the topic of “Breach of Brokerage Business of Securities Companies”, and then Mr. Feng Lin (CIIA), the President of the Department of General Management in Shenzhen Division, the head of Jin Tianlu Branch, Capital Securities gave a speech on “a discussion on practice of asset allocation when the future is coming”, and Mr. Zhou Jianfu (CIIA), Managing Director and the Director of Investment Department of Licheng Asset analyzed the opportunities and risk of A-shares market from long, medium and short perspectives, finally, Mr. Lu Hengjun (CIIA) compared security investment in A-shares, Hong Kong, and US, and described briefly the investment strategy in Hong Kong market especially.

Mr. Guo Shiping, as the head of Institute of Financial Research, Shenzhen University, PhD Supervisor, and a well-known economist, delivered a marvelous theme speech on “The Current Problem of Chinese Market and the Future Forecast”, which pushed the atmosphere to a climax, while numerous fans stormed in until there’s no room to stand, and the house burst into applauds continuously.

The point-views of Chief Analysts from Securities Companies also added infinite warmth to the heated discussion in the Equity Investment Venue. Mr. Chen Jiao, the Chief Analyst on Agriculture from Industrial Securities gave an in-depth analysis on price curve of pork price, and examined the different components of CPI, while Mr. Zhang Yu, the Chief Analyst on Food and Beverage from Great-Wall Securities gave a forecast of the investment opportunities of the industry.

The Round-table session was hosted by Mr. Lu Hengjun, while Mr. Xia Bin, the Chief Investment Officer of Dacheng Innovation Capital, Mr. Zhu Weihua (CIIA), the Managing Director of R&D Department, Merchants Securities, Dr. Su Guojian (CIIA), head of Overseas Research in CCB International Securities, Mr. Wang Jinzhuang (CIIA), Partner of Alpha Securities Fund, Mr. Chen Donghua (CIIA), Director of Department of Investment of Vander Investment had a thorough discussion on “The Investment Opportunities of A shares and Hong Kong Markets”.

The Venue of Wealth Management was hosted by Ms. Cao Yiqin, CIIA Charter-holder from Ping An Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Mr. He Chunming, Chairman of China CIIA Family shared a theme speech on “Briefings on The Business Modes of Wealth Management”, after compared the different modes from both home and abroad, he commented on several possible trends in wealth management in China, especially the intriguing service-fee-paying mode.

Then Dr. Shao Hao, President of Ruitong Capital and Mr. Zhou Hao, the famous financial Commentator shared theme speeches on “The Importance of FOF in Wealth Management”, and “The Future Forecast of Wealth Management”. Dr. Shao showed us what is a good FOF, and how to pick out a good FOF, while Mr. Zhou showed us the current status of Family Office in China and its huge possible market demand.

ACIIA Chairman Maehara seemed to be deeply impressed by the fabulous discussions in Wealth Management Venue. Then Mr. Huang Xianwei, Partner of Chen Yu Investment, and Ms. Gong Shu from Hua Xing Capital delivered theme speeches on “How High-tech Empowers Finance”, and “Asset Allocation”, and commented on the current status of fin-tech and overseas asset allocation. As the guests all shared brilliant ideas, the Round-Table session gave the floor to Ms. Jiang Feng, a senior financial media professional, who sorted and gave detailed descriptions of the group of Chinese High-Net-Worth individuals, and emphasized the new client-based management mode and concepts.

The venue of Foreign Exchange and Fixed Income Markets was hosted and guided by Mr. Cai Haibiao, the first secretary general of China CIIA Family, while Mr. Wang Linfeng, fund manager of Chong Jin He Xin Quantitative Investment Fund, Mr. Jian Jiangping (CIIA), Managing Director of Research Department, Far East Credit, Mr. Liang Bing, Vice President of Standard Perpetual gave excellent speeches on “Premium Strategy on Given Risk Budget”, “Opportunities and Challenges Behind the Opening-up of Chinese Bond Market”, “Introduction on the Issuing of Chinese-Dollar Bond”, “Foreign Exchange Risk Management of Business and Practice”.

The guests shared their ideas on bond investment and overseas-financing, and analyzed the impact of various risk factors on the two, including exchange rate, interest rate, credit, and liquidity, and then forecasted the performance of foreign exchange and bond market in 2020, with possible investment policies and risk-management strategies.

This summit brought a grand baguette to the audience on finance and industrial development, and the assembly turned out to be a big success! It is believed with the leadership of ACIIA in Switzerland and Securities Association of China, through the efforts of the global CIIA Charter-holders, CIIA will exercise more and more significant influence in the world finance, and will contribute more to the world economic development.

Group Photo of Chairman of ACIIA, Conference Organizers, and the Council Members of China CIIA Family

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