13th edition of the Country Risk Conference


Coface organized at the JW Marriott Hotel in Bucharest the 13th edition of the Country Risk Conference, and with this occasion, economic and business experts will discuss the hot topics of the moment: the European Union's future economic, Romania in the context of uncertainties regarding the future of the European Union, economic trends at local level, strategies and policies for a healthy business environment. The event, addressed to top officials from the domestic and international business environment, counted with , more than 400 top business participants in the market, from many sectors. Mr. Hans Buysse, EFFAS Board member was invited to participate to the conference AAFBR, EFFAS society in Romania, that also sponsored the event.

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15th April 2017, Shanghai, CIIA 11-Year Anniversary Assembly the Family of CIIA China

1898755245The family of CIIA in China (www.aciia.cn), along with ACIIA, SAC and other institutions will hold the First Annual Convention of CIIA in China and the 11th Anniversary for CIIA introduced into China——the Forum of the Financial Development and Trend on Saturday, April 15, 2017.

The aim of this convention is to celebrate the introducing of CIIA into China in 2006 by Securities Association of China(SAC), to bring together CIIA holders, the authorities and enthusiasts who support and concern CIIA, converge professional resources, and exchange viewpoints on the latest financial development.

As the first annual convention of CIIA in China, the event receives strong support from ACIIA and SAC. It’s our honor to have Dr. Yasuhiro Maehara, the Chairman of ACIIA and Dr. Lin Yixiang, the Vice-Chairman of Securities Association of China and the former Chairman of ACIIA to address the meeting...

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16th-17th November 2017, Corvinus University of Budapest, HCMPS. 8th Annual Financial Market Liquidity Conference

The aim of the conference is to bring together academics and practitioners to discuss state-of-the-art results in the field of financial market liquidity.

These topics include: Market Liquidity and Funding Liquidity; Liquidity Aspects of Systemic Risk; Game Theoretic Aspects of Liquidity and Financial Markets; Global Liquidity (both Public and Private) and Regulations; Leverage and Macroeconomic Determinants; Market Microstructure with Emphasis on Liquidity; Asset Pricing and Management with Illiquid Assets; Illiquid Alternative Investments and Asset Innovations.

Link to website: liquidityconference.uni-corvinus.hu

More information: Call for papers AFML 2017


SAAJ 8th International Seminar “Strategies under a New Paradigm in Asset Management Business” Tokyo l7 April 2017

1 seminar SAAJThe Securities Analysts Association of Japan (SAAJ) will hold the 8th International Seminar “Strategies under a New Paradigm in Asset Management Business” at the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo on Friday l7 April 2017. SAAJ offers special fees for the Individual members of ACIIA National Member Societies.

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EFFAS Summer School 2017

summer 2017

Dr. López Zaballos, Mr. Campa, Mr. Johan Van Overtveldt (Minister of Finance Belgium), Mr. Jean Paul Gauzes (EFRAG Board President) and Mr. Hans Buysse

EFFAS Summer School was opened by Mr Johan van Overtveldt, Belgian Minister of Finance, that gave a very valuable keynote speech on the "future of finance in Europe" and the major challenges that our economies currently are facing. The very relevant and concrete inputs stimulated the active participation of multiple attendees. After him, Dr Koch, partner at McKinsey, elaborated about "the future of the asset management industry". He outlined the major trends within Europe, Asia and America, as well as within retail and institutional clients. Compleete information on the event, as well as conferences held is available here.





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