The Portuguese Association of Financial Analysts (APAF) celebrates its 30th birthday

The event began with a debate in which distinct personalities participated - among others the Chairman of The Portuguese Securities Market Supervisor and one of the members of the board of the Portuguese Central Bank - who spoke about some of the challenges that the current economic and financial situation pose to the financial analysts and APAF.

One of the principal references made was to the fact that, in addition to appropriate technical skills, independence and continuous ethics training are crucial aspects for any financial analyst, this recognizing the important role developed by APAF in this area.

Another strong idea of the debate was the need of the market and investors to well know the role and work of a financial analyst, considering the decisive impact of the analysts work on investment decisions and on the regular functioning of markets.

Another central issue was pointed to the role that a financial analyst can and must play given the impact the recent financial crisis had on the credibility and the activity of rating agencies.

Finally, some speakers considered that APAF and the training schools need to further strengthen the qualitative aspects of financial analysts.

This successful event led to the conclusion that an important role can be played by APAF in the development of the capital market in Portugal.

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