15th April 2017, Shanghai, CIIA 11-Year Anniversary Assembly the Family of CIIA China

1898755245The family of CIIA in China (www.aciia.cn), along with ACIIA, SAC and other institutions will hold the First Annual Convention of CIIA in China and the 11th Anniversary for CIIA introduced into China——the Forum of the Financial Development and Trend on Saturday, April 15, 2017.

The aim of this convention is to celebrate the introducing of CIIA into China in 2006 by Securities Association of China(SAC), to bring together CIIA holders, the authorities and enthusiasts who support and concern CIIA, converge professional resources, and exchange viewpoints on the latest financial development.

As the first annual convention of CIIA in China, the event receives strong support from ACIIA and SAC. It’s our honor to have Dr. Yasuhiro Maehara, the Chairman of ACIIA and Dr. Lin Yixiang, the Vice-Chairman of Securities Association of China and the former Chairman of ACIIA to address the meeting...

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