CIIA Recognition in France


In mid-October, the leading diploma of the SFAF, the CIIA, was listed in the Inventoryof the Commission Nationale de la Certification Professionnelle,CNCP. Sabine Topol, Head of the Training Center, explains here the impact of this issue for students.

The submission to register the Certified International Investment Analyst Diploma (CIIA) in the CNCP Inventory was validated inmid-October 2017. What does this issue mean to the SFAF Training Center?

Yes, the efforts done by the training center team to get the CIIA recognised have finally paid off... We are very pleased to announce that our request to include the CIIA in the Inventory has been recently validated by the National Commission Professional Certification (CNCP).

The Inventory conducted by the CNCP lists the certifications corresponding to a homogeneous set of skills, which can be transposed into one or more professional activities. These certifications, recognized as of social and professional utility, are better financed for those who wish to follow them.

In other words, the CIIA can now be financed by public organisations that are in charge of distributing the state’s contribution to Continuous Professional Training, for all companies.

What are the concrete consequences?

Being in the Inventory opens the right for CIIA to be financed with the"CPF" hours (Personal Training Account), which each employee has.Thus, our leading diploma will be eligible for CPF hours for employees in the banking.

In the near future, we hope to be able to extend this possibility to other branches (such as insurance companies ...).

Other projects are underway: for example, the SFAF training center is preparing its new 2018 brochure of Continuous Professional training seminars. And we are also working on relaunching a Wealth Management degree. Finally, we have a partnership project leading to the creation of a Master's degree focusing on financial analysis and strategy. Highly qualitative and innovative, it the Master’s degree will be geared towards listed and unlisted non-financial companies(Corporate) as opposed to financial companies (such as banks, asset management companies…), and also offered part-time.




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