How to become an ACIIA Member Society

To become an ACIIA member society, the applicant has to be active in a country where there is no existing member society and has to submit to the ACIIA Council a dossier with the following:

  • Demonstrate its activity as an association of investment professionals or present a development plan to establish such an association in the medium-term (3 to 5 years) together with a description of the characteristics of the relevant market. The applicant has to demonstrate that it has the capacity to develop the CIIA®(Certified International Investment Analyst) qualification in its market, with rights and obligations to conduct the CIIA Examination in the country.
  • Demonstrate its capacity to organize examinations within the prescribed time framework.
  • Present its governance, history and the composition of its governing body with relevant information on the managing body and board members.
  • Provide its official bye-laws or statutes translated into English with a specific document dedicated to the ethical code if it is not covered by the statutes.
  • Apply for the status of Contracting or Associate Member. The latter membership category would be expected to be more convenient for a young society with a limited activity. Its fixed annual membership fee is lower than that of a Contracting Member (see the “Annual Membership Fee” table).

For more information, you can download the ACIIA Information Booklet for prospective members.




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